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Lee is fantastic at not only listening but delivering his therapy. A lot of people are skeptical about hypnotherapy, but after learning the science behind it and the drastic improvements first hand, I highly recommend Peacock Hypnotherapy. From the initial assessment, I have felt at complete ease and feel comfortable at every stage.

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Feel stressed or anxious?

When you’re anxious every problem is amplified, from skin disorders, to bowel conditions through to migraines and panic attacks.


I want to give you back control of your life and get you back to enjoying and excelling in life, whatever that is. 


You will learn practical skills to stop these attacks from entering your mind and look on a practical level at how we can get you enjoying the wonderful gifts this life has to offer.


We look at the solutions not the problems, we won’t delve back to the past issues, we look forward and create a mental picture of how your life should and can be.

Peacock Hypnotherapy
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Tash HayesTash Hayes
21:29 18 Apr 23
What a lovely guy Lee is! He made my daughter feel so happy and at ease when helping her with her phobia of dogs. He has given her a new confidence & approach to dogs. I'm so hopeful that this will help her in the future when faced with a situation that she would have before had a meltdown in. Very grateful! X
Nicola MossNicola Moss
18:59 22 Jan 23
Thank you Lee for all your help & support, not knowing what to expect I was made me feel so welcome and at ease from our first meeting.Lee is such a lovely man.Always being an overthinker and anxious, losing my beloved dad left me not knowing where to turn & so overwhelmed.I'm glad Lee was there, with his guidance ,kind words and technique I have been able to feel much calmer and more confident.Lee has given me the tools to be able to move forward with my life." I have learnt to be my own best friend "Thank you 100% X
18:07 24 Nov 22
I’d like to Thank Lee for his ongoing services. I’m so glad I reached out to peacock hypnotherapy. A scary time of life for me but felt at ease after a couple of sessions in Lees capable hands. He gave me my confidence back to carry on and make life better so I thank you from the bottom of my heart. He is genuine and 100%. I’d recommend anyone to reach out to peacock. Kind regards Joe
18:17 03 Nov 22
WOW! Where do I start?I met Lee for a chat in September. He is so understanding and explained the process and how hypnotherapy works. He doesn’t clap his hands and you start running round the room like a chicken!!! Like some people imagine including myself.The following week I started the process having weekly sessions.I had suffered with anxiety and panic attacks for a LONG time. I’ve tried counselling, read lots of books and taken meditation.My daily struggles were:• no confidence• low self esteem• not being able to say no to people• always putting others first• being exhausted• constantly overthinking EVERYTHING• not being good enough• always comparing myself to others• worrying about things that might never happenSeven sessions on and I feel great!I feel so free, have a total different outlook on life and I am looking forward to a much calmer lifestyle.Lee will give you the “tools” and information to help and support you too. He is an amazing man and is wonderful at what he does. Nothing is too much trouble and his calm manner puts you at ease ( he is also so funny!)In the session you will talk about different aspects / situations in your life and he will explain and suggest strategies to help you. I think it’s important to say Lee is so professional and all information is confidential. Towards the end of the session you get the opportunity to relax - this is absolute bliss!If you can relate to any of this I would highly recommend going to see Lee. It’s had such a positive impact on my life.
Jas BhandalJas Bhandal
17:48 06 Jul 22
Where do I even start. Thank you Lee from the bottom of my heart for teaching me the tools to get my life back. I battled with severe anxiety which manifested in every physical symptom possible. I was at my absolute lowest when I reached out to Lee and week by week we worked together to get my confidence back. I can’t believe that in just 8 weeks, I have been able to change my whole life around. Thank you for helping me change my mindset! Thank you for teaching me about my brain! Thank you for showing me that life can be beautiful.Lee is incredible at what he does, he has a natural gift and has a genuine interest in seeing is clients flourish.I jumped from therapist to therapist because I was fed up of living in my past, Lee’s solution focused approach has helped me move away from a victim mindset. This approach has helped me change habits that no longer serve me.I can’t wait to continue my sessions with Lee, he really truly is a gem!

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