Case study from someone that came for 6 Solution focused hypnotherapy sessions

Elements of this Case study have been altered to protect clients confidentiality.

How are we going to help you?

Bereavement/ confidence/ anxiety

What would you like to achieve by coming here?

Acceptance/ to be able to cope without blocking out what’s happened.

It’s fair to say when this person came

to see me their guard was up, i’ve seen the look so many times before. (Now most of this next bit, is my assumption) I felt they did not trust the process, why would they? they didn’t know what the process was.

Im sure they were shocked that things had come to this. 

For me this was written all over their face, 

This client came to my Hypnotherapy Practice in Hinckley.

At first we had a few tears. but this client stuck with it, we were learning, that they have courage. 

We proceeded with the Trance/Relaxation part of the session and for the first two weeks they kept their eyes open throughout. This is normal as a mind that is anxious and vigilant, wants to keep one eye on “a possible threat” AKA me.

fast forward to week three, there was a hint of a smile, they even said i will try and close my eyes this time, to which we laughed about, but it was a clear indication, they was starting to learn to relax.

Week by week they moved forward, they turned up and worked hard. 

Week six, final session with myself, their face simply shone, they have naturally set boundaries to what they will say yes anon to,Things that used to be on their minds for weeks, were simply relegated to “i’m ok with that”

we have created a picture of the person i will see if we bumped into each other in 1 years time. 

The picture, is a content person with a relaxing hobby, that smiles when they relax because they have realised that the more they take time for them, the more their own wonderful brain will do it’s job and work behind the scenes in helping them with  what ever problem life throws at them x 

This client was brave, They trusted me and this Solution Focused. Hypnotherapy, To see this individual change week by week, fills me with pride and joy. To see her getting back to her hobbies and social life, makes everything, worth it.