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Grief Hypnotherapy

Is it taking over your life ?

When a loved one passes away, the most natural thoughts are of overwhelming sorrow, questions of “could I have, prevented it” we could question our own mortality. A feeling of guilt for the endless list of things we could have done and said. Even survivor’s guilt. All these thoughts are our primitive brains reacting to the absolute shock of what’s happened.

Of course, this is different for every one of us. Still, if left unresolved, the feelings and thoughts can become overpowering and take over daily functioning, affecting the people around us and us damaging our home life and impacting our workplace.

So how does Solution Focused Grief Hypnotherapy help?

Like many thoughts in our mind, Grief becomes consuming; it reminds us constantly and drags our moods down and exhausts us physically. So we are less able to cope with those around us, impacting home life and our work life.

It becomes our focal point; it becomes our everything.

So what’s the Plan?

with the guidance of a Hypnotherapist, we start to empty the stress of your life; we start to build a pattern of behaviour in your life that gets you recognizing the little wins in your day, we move the attention away from the very thing that’s craving your negative thoughts. We replace it with the wonderful (often overlooked) aspects of your life.

Getting rid of overpowering grief is not about watering down or forgetting about the person you love; it’s about focusing on this life with all its wonderful gifts and remembering that person as they would want, not with overwhelming sadness, but with gratitude and love for the times you shared and the memories you have. They wouldn’t want you to crumble and be in pain; they would want you to laugh and smile at the times you have shared.

It’s about not having the pain cut so deep.

Get in touch, and let’s start getting you back to smiling.

How Grief Hypnotherapy works

Hypnotherapy is still a confusing subject, so let me clear some things up for you.

60% of the session is about looking at how we approach life and what occurs when stress and anxiety hit. We will look at the everyday things that happen in life that will add towards your anxiety and stress, you will learn practical skills to stop these attacks from entering your mind and look on a practical level at how we can get you enjoying the wonderful gifts this life has to offer, the simple pleasures we walk past every day without a second glance.

The remaining 40% of the session is focussed on the exciting part, hypnotherapy. With hypnotherapy (solution focus grief hypnotherapy) we look at the solutions not the problems, we won’t delve back to the past issues, we look forward and create a mental picture of how your life should and can be.

You receive around 30 minutes of total rest, where your brain can switch from an overthinking machine, to a calm, resting, thoughtful area of your mind. I often get a little bit envious when I’m giving hypnotherapy, as it’s a real treat in your week. Like a relaxing massage for your brain.

When you receive clinical grief hypnosis, your mind is in the perfect position to take in and absorb the image of the life you want, you will be in your intellectual mind that’s wonderful at making the thinkable, possible. This is something is that’s not achievable when you are deep within you primitive, anxious, depressed part of your brain.

One of the wonderful things about modern times is that grief hypnotherapy by the right hypnotherapist, and especially solution focused hypnotherapy, is that all of this can be done online using Zoom.

Let’s start getting you back to taking control and enjoying your life.

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