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Managing your sleep with Sleep Hypnosis

 Struggle to get to sleep? Wake up in the middle of the Night?

Sleep is really important, it allows your mind and body to recharge, helping you feel refreshed and alert when you wake up. Healthy sleep helps the body remain healthy and ward off diseases. Without enough sleep, the brain cannot function properly.

There are many practical things that can help you create a good recipe for improving your chances of getting to sleep (we will go through these). However, if you don’t create the right recipe in your mind, the quality and quantity of sleep will be affected.

This is where we can put sleep hypnotherapy to great use. We will work together to get to the root of what’s stopping you get a great night’s sleep; solution-focused sleep hypnotherapy will work in calming your mind and defusing that anxiety.

So, let’s start the journey for natural sleep.

I will tell you from personal experience. As a part-time carer for my parents, a father of two, a full diary being a hypnotherapist, I still have a full night’s sleep, every night. All I am going to do is pass that onto you.

How Sleep Hypnosis works

Hypnotherapy is still a confusing subject, so let me clear some things up for you.

60% of the session is about looking at how we approach life and what occurs when stress and anxiety hit. We will look at the everyday things that happen in life that will add towards your anxiety and stress, you will learn practical skills to stop these attacks from entering your mind and look on a practical level at how we can get you enjoying the wonderful gifts this life has to offer, the simple pleasures we walk past every day without a second glance.

The remaining 40% of the session is focussed on the exciting part, hypnotherapy. With sleep hypnosis (solution focus hypnotherapy) we look at the solutions not the problems, we won’t delve back to the past issues, we look forward and create a mental picture of how your life should and can be.

You receive around 30 minutes of total rest, where your brain can switch from an overthinking machine, to a calm, resting, thoughtful area of your mind. I often get a little bit envious when I’m giving hypnotherapy, as it’s a real treat in your week. Like a relaxing massage for your brain.

When you receive clinical hypnosis, your mind is in the perfect position to take in and absorb the image of the life you want, you will be in your intellectual mind that’s wonderful at making the thinkable, possible. This is something is that’s not achievable when you are deep within you primitive, anxious, depressed part of your brain.

One of the wonderful things about modern times is that hypnotherapy by the right hypnotherapist, and especially solution focused sleep hypnotherapy, is that all of this can be done online using Zoom.

Let’s start getting you back to taking control and enjoying your life.

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