Sometimes we have to stop the conveyor belt!

My wife for years worked in a book warehouse, my wife is the polar opposite to myself, she is quiet and works hard.

Sometimes her boss would ask her to do something that she knew would create a logistical issues down the line, but after questioning the instruction and being told to continue, she would carry on knowing full well the production line would come to a halt at some point or other. A jam would occur, creating a pile up of boxes and nothing else could continue until the jam has been cleared. The conveyor belt had to stop.

I want you to imagine all your senses as being carried on a conveyer belt, delivering boxes to your brain, to many boxes create, Cerebral congestion. your brain is full, the production line is jammed and now the boxes are piling up and crashing into the ever growing mountain of squashed boxes. 

For us stopping the conveyor belt, means relaxing. not scrolling on our phones, not playing on our xbox all night, not watching endless arguments on our favourite tv soap operas, not replying to emails. but true relaxation. 

This allows time for our brains to process all of our days activities, clearing the way, ready for the next days conveyer belt to deliver the new boxes.

I had a client once that came to my hypnotherapy clinic in hinckley, Leicestershire to help with her anxiety, she said  “this process and taught me the value in relaxing, I used to lie on my bed and think, you fat lazy cow” (her words) “now i lie down and look forward to this rest, knowing it will do me the world of good, I just lie there and smile, guilt free. 

To be really productive, rest is an important element, rest will sort out so many problems, behind the scenes, it will find so many solutions and work out the best way to do things!

so by not giving your brain a rest, by not relaxing, you are in fact being “un productive” 

now relaxation takes practice, old habits take a while to erase, but now you know the truth, maybe it’s time you got in training, in the art of switching off. 

I’m a qualified psychotherapist and a solution focused hypnotherapist, I find this industry fascinating, I feel honoured to read the research, to see the evidence of change on people, to use this knowledge to help myself and my clients all from my little Hypnotherapy Clinic in Hinckley Leicestershire. I also see many Hypnotherapy clients using zoom.